Certified Organic Ausganica’s visionary founder, Moreen Liao, associated plants (especially their scent), with all the best things in life: the love and security of her family, health, happiness, and inner joy. Moreen’s grandfathers were both herbalists, and she grew up with natural remedies that proved effective time and again for whatever ailed her family. It was early evidence for the young student of the effectiveness of plants. Her family’s large garden was a kaleidoscope of blossoms and herbs, and the ginger plant was her favourite. The wafting scent of its fleeting white blossoms comforted her as she swung on her swing on summer days, pushed by loved ones. After moving into the city for high school, Moreen rationally understood the value of having “living plants” around her. After experiencing what it was like to be separated from nature, she began to buy seasonal flowers for her room each week. She would choose only one variety at a time, so she could get to know it intimately. With the blooms’ subtle aromatics surrounding her again, she felt complete. Moreen’s profound connection to the natural world, residing deep in her heart, would eventually manifest in Ausganica. With meticulous attention to every element and detail of her product formulations, Moreen is re-creating that connection to the diverse botanical realm for her clients.

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