Oil Garden Ultrasonic Diffuser Oasis


A clean, elegant and space conscious diffuser to compliment your essential oil range. The diffuser illuminates LED light and diffuses a fine mist of pure essential oils allowing you to experience both the therapeutic and aromatic properties of your Oil Garden Pure Essential Oils.

1. Place diffuser on a flat surface and insert power cord into wall socket or USB port.
2. Gently remove the cover from the base and fill the water tank to the maximum water level line (100mL) with cool tap water.
3. Add 6-9 drops in total of your favourite Oil Garden pure essential oils.
4. Replace cover and secure lightly.
5. Press power button once to turn on your diffuser

  • 120mL capacity
  • ~ 8 hour run time
  • USB & power adaptor
  • Intermittent and continuous mist
  • 7 LED coloured light.
  • Light illuminates from the top half

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