Brauer Nyda Express (Kills Headlice and Eggs) 50ml


Attack of the nits? Don’t panic!

NYDA® express uses a unique combination of dimethicones to suffocate head lice and their eggs.

Some traditional head lice treatments target the nervous system of the louse, but unhatched eggs haven’t developed a nervous system yet.

However, head lice at every stage of the life cycle need to breathe. 

That’s why NYDA® express uses an innovative dual dimethicone formula to deeply penetrate the airways of eggs and adult lice to stop them from breathing.

This unique suffocation method has been scientifically proven to kill head lice in 1 application* (no repeat treatment necessary) without any burning or harsh chemical smell.

* ÖKO-TEST.App Eltern 11/2017

** We recommend checking hair again 8-10 days after treatment. If the treatment solution does not completely cover all hair, some eggs may not be killed and may hatch up to 7-8 days later. If any live head lice are detected, repeat treatment and check hair again in a further 8-10 days.

Step 1

  • Apply to dry hair.
  • Spray carefully over all of the hair beginning near the scalp.

Step 2

  • Massage in well and let it work for 10 minutes.

Step 3

  • Comb hair carefully afterwards using the lice comb provided to remove the suffocated lice.

Step 4

  • Wash out with your normal shampoo.

*Always re-examine scalp & hair after 8 – 10 days to check for possible re-infestation or incomplete solution application

*Always read the label. Use only as directed.

Active ingredient: Dimethicone

  • Scientifically proven* to kill head lice in 10 minutes
  • No burning or harsh chemical smell
  • Works in 1 application – no repeat necessary**
  • Suitable for the whole family – including pregnant and breastfeeding women

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